Preschool 1

Age 2-3

Welcome to preschool one, here in PS1 we have a stable routine, but are mindful about flexibility too. During this age a predictable routine helps transition children calmly throughout the day. We prioritise your children and make sure they have a familiar educator at drop off times in order to make this transition as easy as possible.

During this age social- emotional development is important as children begin interacting with other people and need to begin to understand and control their emotions. To accommodate these needs, we implement the WorryWoo’s – developing emotional intelligence program. There are 7 WorryWoo monsters that each have their own emotional challenge that children are able to relate to. We refer to these characters throughout the year to aid with the children’s intrapersonal and interpersonal emotional development.

During your child’s time in PS1 we like to introduce literacy learning. We provide this through a program called Letterland. Letterland introduces the children to letters of the alphabet through a range of characters. Once the children have met the characters we teach them the characters letter and the sound it makes. Our educators teach a new letter each week.



Throughout the day children are invited over to the mat for optional organised group times. During these times the children engage in songs, books, news times, games and any other planned activities by an educator.

Toileting is a major factor of this age group and our educators will work alongside you accommodating in the best interest of your child.Sleep is optional in this room and we cater for each individual child’s need. We do incorporate a rest time during the day where your child can either sleep, rest on a mat or if they no longer require a rest take part in table activities.

PS1 library is an opportunity for your child to bring school activities into their home environment by borrowing and returning a new book each week.

It also aids with the child’s independence and sense of respect and care for items belonging to someone else.

Leo the lion is an established Preschool One animal that makes his way around to each one of the children’s houses for the weekend. Leo is a great resource that helps bring the children’s micro and macro environments together creating a sense of belonging.


Our Preschool 1 Room Educators


There are many reasons I love working in early childhood, one of them being that you build strong, trusting relationships with the children and families and become a part of their sense of belonging. Helping to shape small minds is so rewarding, the skills the children are learning will help to guide them through life. Having your heart filled by their beautiful smiles each day is something that makes this role so extremely worthwhile.


I love that I can provide play spaces and learning environments that challenge each child’s individual skills, allowing them to feel a sense of pride and grow their confidence. Being an educator is so rewarding, watching the children flourish under your care. I love the relationships we are able to form with not only the children in our care but their families too, we become their safe space.


The relationships I have formed with the children, families and educators here continues to positively impact every aspect of my life. Helping the children thrive and develop in such a positive and social environment is very rewarding. Their inquisitive nature and determination to explore the world around them makes every day the perfect opportunity to challenge their growing young minds and extend on their learning and development.


I have a great passion and strong commitment for providing high quality education and care for children. As an educator it is incredibly rewarding to inspire children as they develop the skills to become capable and confident, lifelong learners.

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