Early Learners Room

For majority of families the early learners room will be the
beginning of your child’s educational journey. We
understand that this can be a huge transition and like to make it as easy as possible for not only your child but for parents/caregivers as well.  Our kind, loving educators create a welcoming and comfortable environment for your child. We provide nurturing care for your child and aim to create strong relationships and connections. This allows them to feel a sense of belonging and comfort within their new environment and with their educators. We understand the needs of each child are unique and every child’s routine is different. In order to accommodate the needs of your child we work with you to establish a routine at school that replicas your child’s home routine.

We strive to create a happy and positive space for your child to learn and grow.

Our play-based environment is designed with age appropriate resources that provide a level of challenge for years 0-2.

Our educators engage in organised group times that is optional for the children. During these group activities we read books, sing nursery rhymes/ songs and use visual objects including felt boards and finger puppets to increase excitement and interest. These group times offer socialisation strategies, a sense of wellbeing and is a foundation for language and literacy learning.

The children openly explore the outdoor environment on a daily basis. Their sensory capabilities are evident through sandpit play and during the summer months water play. Our outdoor resources including rocking horses, mini bikes and climbing equipment challenge and develop children’s gross motor skills.

Our Early Learners Room Educators


Working with children is one of the most rewarding factors of my life. Watching and helping children flourish into little individuals that will shape our world one day is priceless.


Early Childhood has always been a passion of mine. I love making the early moments of the children I look after memorable, fun and full of love and support. Shaping little minds brings me so much joy and I just want to give children the best start they can possibly have.


I love having the opportunity to make a difference in these young children’s lives. They bring so much joy and energy to our environment, teaching them each day is a privilege that I am so grateful to have.


Working in early education allows us to be a part of and witness the growth and development of the children within our care, while forming relationships with them as we become a familiar and safe space for them to learn and thrive.


I love working in early education as I am so passionate about helping children develop skills they will remember for years past their time with us. Their clever minds are so absorbent and it’s incredibly rewarding watching them be so engaged in what they are learning about and then being able to extend on that interest further to develop a deeper understanding.

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