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We at Lake Macquarie Preschool pride ourselves on the joy and nurturing which takes place all across our school or daycare. Nowhere is this nurturing more evident than our Early Learning and Preschool One and Two rooms.

Early Learners Room

The Early Learning room is specially designed for kids between the ages of six months and two years old. Here, we take the time to build relationships with our students and encourage them to build relationships with other students. We focus on making this room a place to learn and grow for infants who may not even be able to walk yet. When they leave, they do so on their own two feet, and we celebrate these milestones along with other children.


Preschool One

Our Preschool One room focuses on emotional development and socialization. Here, kids learn to communicate with each other and educators in a way which expresses what they’re feeling and what they need, in a calm and controlled manner.

This socialization plays a key role in development and its impact is seen and felt years down the road, as students learn and grow through the rest of their education. With the help of The Worry Woos, our emotional stand-ins, children learn to accept and appreciate their emotions, ranging from sadness to anger to happiness. Children here learn to express themselves to friends and family members so they can be properly understood and loved.

Preschool Two

Finally, children advance to the Preschool Two room, an area designed to prepare them for the wonders and routines of their future education. They’ll be prepped to learn STEM subjects such as science, technology, English, and math, as well as more social skills, such as social well-being and the social environment.

Preschool Two is a special time in a child’s life where they experience fun experiments and learn about the world in an engaging and controlled manner. There are a number of other fascinating subjects they learn here, such as foreign languages and the rich history of dinosaurs, just to name a few. These rooms represent a significant step in our children’s development, and Lake Macquarie is proud to offer an extensive and deeply educational curriculum for all of the children here.

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